Welcome Message from the New York Center for Digital Dentistry (NYCDD) Team

Restorative Digital Dentistry (RDD) can be complicated. It can be frustrating, demanding, confusing, and exhausting, but also extremely rewarding! It revolutionizes our patient’s experience, our office professionalism, and our profits!

It requires us to make smart choices about strategy, about manufacturers, and about giving of ourselves – to learn and exchange information and ideas, to share knowledge and experience, so that we can better serve our patients.

It requires courage to start, complete the journey, and to lead our Teams effectively, day by day.

The NYCDD materials are not magic solutions; there aren’t any! They are to help office leaders make their way through the grey areas, choosing solutions that are right for their offices, their teams, their patients and for them!

Our resources and tools are based on our experience from the last decade and our involvement in industry leading Key Opinion Leader Programs.  They reflect the learning we have taken from our successes, as well as our failures!  They will help you accelerate the adoption of RDD in your office.

We wish you every success on your journey, and look forward to helping you in any and every way we can.


Dr. Gary Kaye DDS,FAGD. Founder & Principal

New York Center for Digital Dentistry


Icons Used Throughout this Online Workbook

The LINKS icon is used in the Workbook to point you to additional resources available on the web.  To open, click the highlighted text to the right of the icon.

The FOCUS icon is used in the Workbook to signal focused thought and evaluation targeted at the core objectives of most Restorative Digital Dentistry (RDD) Investments:

  • Patients
  • Productivity
  • Professionalism
  • Profitability
  • Team
  • Practice

The CHECK icon is used in the Workbook to reference NYCDD Checklists addressing core decisions and evaluations.  Click on the highlighted name of the Checklist to download them.  

The FILES icon represents additional documents we have included which we believe will be of help in making your decisions.  

The VIDEOS icon highlights links to videos, typically 1 to 2 minutes long,  that we recommend you review at each stage of the Curriculum.

Navigating this Online Workbook

This workbook is divided into four modules.

Each module represents a major milestone in the RDD adoption process, beginning with the steps leading up to the decision to get started on the path to success,

Wherever you are in the process today, you will discover valuable tips, techniques, and take-aways in each module.  Take the time to glance through the entire workbook before settling in on the module that you believe best meets your needs today.

Feel free to share the comprehensive video library with your team so that they have access to all the resources they need to reinforce your leadership in this exciting project.

They will benefit from the experiences and discoveries of people in similar roles, who have adopted this technology at varying stages of their career development.

The tools provided in the download files are designed to provide you with working templates from which you can develop your own performance indicators, dashboards and scorecards.

Everything in this workbook is, and has been effective in growing a profitable fee-for-service practice.